My preferred leadership sites

  1. Management Innovation eXchange (MIX – Gary Hamel)
  2. Farnam Street
  3. Intellectual Dark Web
  4. Freedom Inc. (Isaac Getz)
  5. Enlivening Edge (Frederic Laloux)
  6. Corporate Rebels
  7. Integral Leadership Review
  8. Integral Life
  9. Research Gate
  10. Academia Edu
  11. M-Prize

My core posts

  1. 700% Leadership Coaching ROI
  2. Why do managers need coaching
  3. Holacracy: Let’s Fire All The Managers
  4. The 5 fears of any manager
  3. 7 movements that will help you understand the Future of Wor
  4. 7 more movements to understand the future of work

Essential leadership books

  1. Maverick. The success story behind the world’s most unusual workplace (Ricardo Semler, Business Plus)
  2. Coaching for performance (Sir John Whitmore)
  3. Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box (Arbinger)
  4. Reinventing Organizations (Frederic Laloux)
  5. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them (Gary Hamel)
  6. The future of management (Gary Hamel)
  7. Scaling Leadership (Bob Anderson, Wiley)
  8. Mastering Leadership (Bob Anderson, Wiley)
  9. Holacracy (Brian Robertson, Penguin)
  10. Mindful Leadership Coaching: Journeys into the Interior (INSEAD Business Press)
  11. The Leader on the Couch: A Clinical Approach to Changing People & Organisations
  12. Liberating the Corporate Soul (Richard Barrett, Butterworth-Heinemann)
  13. The Values-Driven Organization (Richard Barrett, TF)
  14. The New Leadership Paradigm (Richard Barrett, lulu)
  15. Evolutionary Coaching (Richard Barrett, lulu)

Executive Coaching Return of Investment (ROI)

  1. An HR perspective on executive coaching for organizational learning_2011
  2. An ROI method for executive coaching – Have the client convince the coach of the return on investment_2005
  3. Benefits of executive coaching_2001
  4. Coaching effectiveness survey instruments – taking stock of measuring the immeasurable_2013
  5. Barriers to successful coaching_IES 2014
  6. Approaches to research on executive and organizational coaching_2005
  7. What makes a coach effective_IES 2016
  8. Coaching sticks – Research Bulletin 2014_WhyteCo
  9. Is executive coaching more effective than other management training and development methods_2017
  10. The Utilization and Impact of Leadership Coaching in Organizations- Results from the Second Annual Benchmark Study_MetrixGlobal_2007
  11. Metrix global – Coaching-ROI -briefing
  12. Executive Coaching as a Transfer of Training Tool 1997
  13. Evaluating the effectiveness of executive coaching- beyond ROI_2009
  14. Maximizing the impact of executive coaching_2001
  15. Measuring the ROI on coaching_summary
  16. Measuring ROI in executive coaching by Phillips Phillips 2005
  17. Practical methods for evaluating coaching_IES 2006
  18. ROI is a poor measure of coaching success_2012
  19. Return on investment in executive coaching – a practical model for measuring ROI in organisations_2013
  20. The coaching impact study – measuring the value of executive leader coaching_2006
  21. The Effectiveness of coaching- Results from International Research+2002
  22. The Coaching Scorecard -a holistic approach to evaluating the benefits of business coaching_2005
  23. The business impact of executive coaching – demonstrating monetary value – V.Parker Wilkins 2006
  24. Choosing an executive coach -The influence of gender on the coach-coachee matching process – D.Grey 2010
  25. Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and GroupTraining – How Leadership Makes the Difference _2016
  26. Executive coaching – Inspiring performance at work – IES Research 2001
  27. How a coaching intervention supports the development of female leaders in a global organization 2017
  28. How the behavioral changes are sustained over time after the coaching intervention has ended – V.S Nanduri 2017
  29. The Rating of Eight Coaching Success Factors – S. Greif, F. Schmidt 2010
  30. The relationship between executive coaching and organizational performance of female executives as a predictor for organizational success 2008
  31. Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and Group Training: How Leadership Makes the Difference

Leader-as-Coach Efficiency Studies

  1. Critical Trends for Leadership in the Future – Cecilia Åkerblom, 2016
  2. Emerging Trends in Leadership Development in 2019 and beyond – Stratx 2018
  3. Future Trends in Leadership Development – Center for Creative Leadership 2014
  4. Global leadership forecast 2018 – 25 Research Insights to Fuel Your People Strategy – DDI & EY
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of adopting a coaching and mentoring system in an organization
  6. Coaching as a Leadership Style: The Perceived Benefits of a Leader Adopting a Coach Approach Leadership Style.
  7. A_critical_review_of_executive_coaching_research_A

The Future of Work and HR trends

  1. The way we work – in 2025 and beyond -HR Today – PWC
  2. The future of HR 2019 -In the Know or in the No – KPMG survey
  3. 2019 HCM trends report – HR federation
  4. HR Trends 2019- Insights on what HR leaders are expecting in the coming year – Morneau Schepell
  5. HRWorld-HR in 2020 study
  6. Change capability in the agile organisation – IES Perspectives HR 2018
  7. Darkening skies – IES Perspectives HR 2017
  8. Designing work cultures for the human era – SHRM Globoforce survey 2018
  9. Employee experience as a business driver – SHRM Globoforce survey 2016
  10. Global leadership forecast 2018 – 25 Research Insights to Fuel Your People Strategy – DDI _ EY
  11. HR Trends 2018_Middle East
  12. HR Update 2018- Key pay and workplace trends – 2018_Ireland
  13. The Rise and Responsibility of Talent Development in the New Labor Market – Linkedin Learning Workplace report _2018
  14. The role of HR in workforce innovation – IES Perspectives HR 2017
  15. Unlocking growth in a human age – Global Talent Trends Study – Mercer 2018
  16. What role for HR in 2020-2025 – Research by Orange, Mercer 2016
  17. The way we work – in 2025 and beyond -HR Today – PWC
  18. The future of HR 2019 -In the Know or in the No – KPMG survey
  19. HRWorld-HR in 2020 study
  20. 2019 HCM trends report – HR federation
  21. An HR perspective on executive coaching for organizational learning_2011

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