Life Coaching

Individual coaching for widening your perspectives on life. The instrument used is Individual Values ​​Assessment or Personal Values ​​Assessment.


Leadership Coaching

Evolutionary integral coaching for leaders and managers that involves 2 critical attributes of the future of leadership: systemic perspective (wide view) and introspection (inner look). The tool for evaluating 360 values ​​is LDR / LER.

Team Coaching

Coaching for teams, strengthening relationships between members and efficiency. The tool for evaluating 360 values ​​is SGA – Small Group Assessment.

Leader-As- Coach (workshop)

My one-day flagship workshop in which I facilitate obtaining a measurable attitude of motivation, clarity, sincerity and empathy from the managers for their subordinates.

Values Alignment (workshop)

A workshop that facilitates participants’ perspective on personal values ​​and aligns their daily behaviors. We use the PVA Personal Valuation Tool.

Integral Innovation (workshop/ keynote)

An interactive presentation based on innovation research and the theory of integral innovation that I presented in The Leadership Spark

Organizational Evolution (consulting)

Projects of consultancy, evaluation and organizational cultural change, based on the instruments of measurement of collective and individual values ​​Cultural Values ​​Assessment.

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George Bragadireanu

George Bragadireanu