“Integral” makes reference to Ken Wilber’s AQAL metatheory. AQAL stands for “all quadrants, all lines” but equally refers to stages, states and levels of consciousness. Wilber is considered to be the most important philosopher of the XXIth century. His metatheory encompasses all the philosophical, spiritual and scientific perspectives of being.

In the most simplistic way, integral methodology means a 4 quadrant perspective of reality:

At a more granular level, the integral meta-theory comprises a total explanation of reality:

Consequently, you may apply integral AQAL metatheory to politics, economics, business, science, education, health, military… well – anything – just to better understand, explain and create within each of these domains.

Following my studies in integral, I authored a book on leading integral business innovation and I coach leaders using the same methodology.

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George Bragadireanu

George Bragadireanu