My path and what moves me in the future

Love of people. Understanding them and their desires. The help I offer by making them curious about themselves and listening to their dreams and anxieties.

All my life I have learned. From books, from personal experiences, from exercises of the self, from trips, from permanent reflections, from ruminating ideas with different others like me, listening to my coaching and training clients, subordinates and bosses.

I really discovered my calling at 37, looking back at my entire history up until then. I found myself at all ages preoccupied with exploring the inner and outer territories of man.

Then, in 2012, I made this discovery the purpose of my life, my job and my passion: to teach others what I knew and understood.


In my early years as a solopreneur in the field of coaching and training, I learned what human evolution means and how human potential can be updated in London, within the school of the founder of this industry, Sir John Whitmore. Thus, I became a Performance & Transpersonal Coach and started my individual performance coaching practice. During the same period, I gave up my banking career for almost 15 years, becoming an solopreneur.

The following years I continued my training in an amazingly deep school that lasted 3 years, MindMaster and later I became Master NLPt Coach, certified by the European association EANLPt. I learned how to probe human psychology, language, and neurology to more easily guide people toward the release of fear, self-victimization, and limiting mindset.

My coaching practice continued and I became Associate Certified Coach and later Professional Certified Coach, qualifications obtained by International Coach Federation certifications.

In the last years, I have dedicated myself to the study of the integral theory defined by Ken Wilber in Integral Coaching Canada and after the studies of two half years, I have become an Integral Professional Coach. Wilber is considered the greatest philosopher of modern times and an integrator of spirituality, science, psychology, and art.

In 2019 I graduated from the Barrett Values ​​Center courses, thus becoming one of the few Romanian specialists specialized in assessing and measuring values ​​at the individual, group, organization and nation levels, using the instrument considered gold standard in the industry.


In all these years, my dedication to coaching, personal transformation and professional education have resulted in:

  1. Over 7,000 participants in courses within major Romanian corporations (Vodafone, Renault, Carrefour, Auchan, cargo-partner, Mercedes, JTI, Mega Image);
  2. translation of 3 books in the field of leadership, coaching and creativity for Publica Publishing House;
  3. recording a double CD dedicated to managerial coaching;
  4. launch of the only Romanian coaching app for managers, on all known mobile platforms.
The Leadership Spark book george bragadireanu

THE LEADERSHIP SPARK: The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership, dedicated to personal creativity and innovation in business.

You can purchase it from Amazon or by paying 45 RON in the Insidebloom SRL account, J40/2383/18.02.2016, CUI 35675779, Account RO40INGB0000999905710290, ING Bank, specifying “TLS book”

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George Bragadireanu

George Bragadireanu