Leadership coaching for new managers.

I was a new manager, once, and I didn’t receive any coaching. Maybe, as a direct result, ‘my’ first team (11 people) left me entirely in the first month of working ‘together’. Out of all the possible ways a company may engage a new manager, leadership coaching is the fittest one. Let me show it!

Why new managers fail

It is assumed that around 50% of the new managers fail in their 1st year. Confusion is the main and most important reason: confusion in their mind, their hearts, and their actions. The most adaptable will thrive. In business, adaptability is learning. 

  • Heart Confusion‘: they do not deal correctly with the dilemma ‘friendship of friendliness’. Promoted as a new manager over your former teammates? Prepare for a year of exile.
  • Mind Confusion‘: ‘What do I have to do (now)?’, ‘Who’s telling me what to do?’, ‘What do I tell my reports?’ All these confusions appear as a result of the role change. And no one has time to give you the ‘whats’, the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’. Prepare for a year of wrong decisions and afterthoughts.
  • Actions confusion‘: what got you here won’t get you there. But you do not know this so you will continue to do what you know. You will remain operational and micro-manage ‘tasks’ instead of being more strategic and lead your people. The phrase ‘someone wonderful at their job will be really good at managing others who are doing that same job’ describes a big myth. Executing mentality is pretty different from the managing mentality.

What new managers need to know

  • A new manager will have lots of meetings (more than before and than everybody else, except the other new managers); 45% of a week’s time, to be precise. The boss being absent, the team will suffer. But the boss has to know everything. So that, in the search for clarity, he gets increasingly overloaded with information.
  • A new manager will learn to say ‘I’m busy’ all the time, even if he isn’t so busy. Ego inflation comes with the new job. Ego preservation requires a great deal of energy – which will be lost for learning. Learning, on the other hand, presupposes dropping the ego, asking for feedback, speaking with authenticity to your reports and humbleness to your managers.
  • A new manager will lose former colleagues-friends and he will gain new managers-friends. He will be confused and he will suffer because of the losing but they will heal the pain with new friendships, with people of a different status, more like them. 

How new managers become great managers 

At any beginning, one has to sit, listen, ask and learn about the new job. This is learning and adaptability. Learning and adapting to real task management and people leadership.

Ask for clarity above you: do not presuppose.  This is a learning and exquisite data gathering tool for great decisions. Your decisions. And this kind of decisions lead to great task management!

Ask for feedback bellow you: do not presuppose.  This is a learning and exquisite communication tool with your team. And this kind of communication triggers great people leading!

What has leadership coaching got to do with it?

  1. At its core, coaching offers clarity. A coach offers objective feedback and asks genuine questions leading to clarity because he sits on the circumference of any of the problems having a new manager in the center. 
  2. The second reason coaching is good for the new managers is that it offers a learning space – where the leader becomes more adaptable, discerns, understands and learns the new mentality. This is the space where the new manager has the time, support and proper rhythm to make meaning from his new experiences, to reflect on and consolidate their lessons.

We offer leadership development plans co-created through coaching. We know that the need and learning stamina for leadership development is greatest in the new managers. We believe that by developing great personalities and strong individuals from the beginning of their managerial careers, this world’s future becomes brighter.

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