4 Demented Ways To Internally Disrupt Your Business (for the sake of staying ahead)

The Consciousness Quotient

Test yourself and your employees for the ‘consciousness quotient’. Find the site, read the literature, see how it works, ll in the questionnaire. Make the results transparent for everybody. Have ideas for raising the stakes for each of you to the next consciousness level – This is Integral Innovation



Buy a biofeedback/neurofeedback apparatus, install it in a room and have all employees use it daily. It will train their minds to self-generate alpha and possible theta states of relaxation and creativity. This is Integral Innovation – Upper-Right Quadrant.



Play binaural sounds in elevators and ambient music in the offices. Binaural sounds are engineered to induce good creative states in the brain. Mixed with relaxing music, they make a perfect audio companion anywhere. This is Integral Innovation – Upper-Right Quadrant.



Have a nursery, kindergarten and school within your premises for employees’ children. Let employees’ children play and learn among your company’s workers and managers. Mingle them with the old ones, the elder members of employees’ families. Transform your of ce building into a ‘school’, ‘nursing house’ and ‘office’ space altogether. This is Integral Innovation – Lower-Left Quadrant.

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