3 Psychospiritual Ways To Disrupt Your Business (for the sake of your material benefits)

Level of consciousness

Test yourself and your employees for the ‘consciousness quotient’. Find the site, read the literature, see how it works, fill in the questionnaire. Make the results transparent for everybody. Have ideas for raising the stakes for each of you to the next consciousness level. This is integral innovation.



Have a ‘meditation and yoga’ space for your employees. Zazen meditation, for example, is one way to clear and make the mind tranquil. OSHO Dynamic Meditation is another form of profound meditative practice to get rid of people’s egos. Yoga works also on providing balance at a more complete level, involving equilibrium of the senses, inner states (thoughts and emotions) and bodily movements (actions). Hire a zazen-certified practitioner and a yoga instructor and offer FREE sessions to anybody in your company at any hour. People sharing such a common space will, as a result, create and delve into a calmer culture that is ready to innovate. This is integral innovation.



Have a full-time psychotherapist employeed in the company and ensure at least one session per month for each employee. Corporate stress is one of the biggest barriers to creativity. This is integral innovation.


(excerpts from The Leadership Spark : The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership)

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George Bragadireanu

George Bragadireanu