3 Artsy Disruptive Business Resolutions


Have a theatrical improvisation teacher employed in the company. His job would be to have daily eight-hour classes on theatrical improvisation with series of employees. This works like magic as a team-building tool, a creativity-sparking tool, relaxation tool, a tool generating engagement in employees. – This is integral innovation, the upper left quadrant.


Have a ‘meditation and yoga’ space for your employees. Zazen meditation, for example, is one way to clear and make the mind tranquil. OSHO Dynamic Meditation is another form of profound meditative practice to get rid of people’s egos. Yoga works also on providing balance at a more complete level, involving equilibrium of the senses, inner states (thoughts and emotions) and bodily movements (actions). Hire a zazen-certified practitioner and a yoga instructor and offer FREE sessions to anybody in your company at any hour. People sharing such a common space will, as a result, create and delve into a calmer culture that is ready to innovate.  – This is integral innovation, the upper left quadrant.

Art Creation

Build an ‘Artistic Creation Room’ in the company, not a relaxation room but an ‘artistic creation’ room. Supply it with canvases, pencils, brushes, oil paints, a DJ music creation studio, some pottery stuff, building blocks, animals to feed, plants for tending, bonsais needing to be cut, sand for arranging, a chorus conductor, instruments for playing music, tools for carving, for moulding, for taking photos, for 3D printing and so on. Get everybody involved in an artistic project, in teams, and have daily exhibitions.  – This is integral innovation, the upper left quadrant.

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