3 Humanistic Disruptive Business Decisions (for the sake of your employees’ sane creativity)

Have a nursery, kindergarten and school within your premises for employees’ children.

Let employees’ children play and learn among your company’s workers and managers. Mingle them with the old ones, the elder members of employees’ families. Transform your office building into a ‘school’, ‘nursing home’ and ‘office’ space altogether. – The Lower Left Quadrant of Integral Innovation.


Let your employees travel and work abroad.

All of them. Encountering new cultures, places and people increases neural connections and the chances for increased creativity. Many businessmen have paid large amounts of money to set up company trips and holidays recently. Promote ‘travel incentives’ in the company and negotiate discounts with travel agencies and airlines for certain remote and ‘out of the box’ destinations. Organise remote working sessions of one month/ one year for teams, in strange places, totally different (polarised) cultures (East–West, North–South). – The Lower Left Quadrant of Integral Innovation.


Give each employee the opportunity to bring in the cultural environments that he or she is part of.

To be able to bring guests at his or her office. Let your employees bring to the workspace: friends; family members; friends who are members of religious congregations, of support groups, of a choir or theatre group to which they belong; colleagues from the photography workshop they attend each Sunday. In this way, the corporate environment will be further polarised and this will lead to the emergence of new perspectives on everyday problems of the organisation from people who have no connection with it.  – The Lower Left Quadrant of Integral Innovation.

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