3 Systemic Changes To Disrupt Your Business Lame Production Of New Ideas

Completely change your managerial system.

Change it to an open one meant to inquire for people’s solutions. As a high-ranking manager in large corporations, I began as a directive type. Then I shifted towards a more collaborative style and ended up as a ‘one-minute manager’, as a manager-coach. I would never return to directive style. Ask any manager-coach about the power he has over his people. Ask any such manager about the power his reports have over their problems. Being a manager-coach is a generative solution to any corporate problem as it opens the virtuous circle of trial and error, learning, evolution, the exploitation of full potential. Each and every person has a soul, emotions, thinking ability, knowledge, desires, so use them fully. Avoid telling them what to do, how to do it and why they should do it. Look at any history of ‘innovative’ companies and you will find 100% examples of such managing systems: SEMCO, Morning Star, GoreTex, AES, FAVI, BSO/Origin, Patagonia, Sun Hydraulics and the like. Holacracy is a new ‘word’, a word describing the new emergent planetary level of consciousness rising in business and human civilisation lately, the ‘teal’ level (Ken Wilber, Frederic Laloux, Don Beck) – Lower Right Integral Innovation


Rotate and swap your employees and managers.

Make a guiding policy out of changing the nature of each employee’s job description or job position, once in a while. The better the employees know all the entrails of the company, the more they will contribute to the development and the perfecting of the flows and procedures. From different angles, problems have different shades and may be solved with better and more up-to-date solutions.  – Lower Right Integral Innovation.


Have a recruitment corporate policy based on something else, rather than just expertise and experience. 

For example, based on the ‘inner nature’ (yin or yang), the hobbies (showing the real preference for one type of activity or another), the open-mindedness and encompassing an evaluation of the breadth of one’s mindset. Those who are ‘the right guys in the right jobs’ are more likely to be self-motivated and engaged than those who fit into a job based on their academic degrees, studies or prior work experience. You do not need people who will be engaged for, at most, one year or so by a new level of their wage, by a new position or by benefits; rather, you need people aligned with the core values and ‘essence’ of their job and their employer – – Lower Right Integral Innovation.


(excerpts from The Leadership Spark : The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership)


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