2 Reframed Meeting Formats To Disrupt Your Strategic Business Resolutions (from coffins to incubators)

Reframed Topics

Reformulate focus-questions like ‘Why Not…?’, ‘How Else…?’ and ‘What If…?’ and lead meetings where everybody should concentrate on answers to these types of questions, instead of ‘Why…?’, ‘What…?’ or ‘How…?’. Search for different ways of replacing the usual problem-solving process.  – The Upper Right Quadrant of Integral Innovation.

Reframed Reason

Have ‘no reason’ meetings, that is, meetings where anyone can argue, share, tell anything about his work, hobby, last book read, last movie watched, anything. Twenty minutes of such meetings per day will burn out the formalism of ‘agenda meetings’ and will ignite the logs of creativity. Let the ideas flow one from the other in a chaotic burst, with no apparent logic or meaning or goal. Great ideas have long incubation periods. Be sure that your company’s (or team’s) environment is an incubator, not a coffin. And wait: Months, years, or decades. Do not try to control the birth of ideas. You are not God. What you can merely do is cherish life. – The Upper Right Quadrant of Integral Innovation.


(excerpts from The Leadership Spark : The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership)

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