The 4 videos to understand integral business innovation


Open technology; the dissemination of power from nodes to a network; companies which access ecosystems rather than resources; artificially intelligent ads which self-create themselves; and self-organizing traffic lights – all of these are expressions of the falling of boundaries.

Apparently, nature does not operate in opposites. It comes united, but we set boundaries. We set the good apart from the evil, God from Satan, beautiful from ugly, me from you, and so on. ‘Nature doesn’t grow true frogs and false frogs, nor moral trees and immoral trees, nor right oceans and wrong oceans’ (Ken Wilber).’

We are the ones who cause these boundaries to exist, and their role is to ensure our existence, to mark the limits of the body. There is life and death in the world of nature, but this cycle is a natural one. We are the only ones to make our beliefs (ideas, passing concepts, after all) so solid that we regret them at the end of our lives as if they were really something real. We draw these boundaries all our life.

Creativity and innovation do not need real boundaries. As nature is integral and complete, its creativity emerges naturally. For example, a leaf grows chaotically and complexly in the most creative and unique way. But we humans have to take polarity as our reference point as we tend to see only one pole at a time. Seeing both poles each time will train our mind to think in a dual way, in a complete way, in a creative way. The world of opposites is a world of conflict. By cherishing both our sides in conflict (our innate natures), we pass through the boundaries and find the unity of creation and creativity. Boundaries and polarities help humans find the wholeness of creativity.

The videos


The first video is about why freeing corporate people from boundaries is a good thing for sparking innovation.

Ricardo Semler: Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life


The second video is about how to free the people in a company.

Holacracy: A Radical New Approach to Management –  Brian Robertson | TEDxGrandRapids


This video briefly explains the integral theory.

The Four Quadrants – with Ken Wilber


This video explains what might happen to innovation when freedom is the rule in a company and what currently happens instead.

Frederic Laloux, presenting the ideas of Reinventing Organizations to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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