An Integral Map Of Some Of The Best Innovation Books

I love innovation. And creativity. And read everything on the matter.Each of the books below is one of the best innovation books.

After almost 10 years of researching the subject, I’ve come to the realization that each of the books I read is aiming at explaining what creativity and innovation are through 1 or more lenses of the 4 of what I propose as “integral innovation”. You may find a lot more on what “integral” and “integral innovation” means here and here within my free book, “The Leadership Spark”.

Below are some of the books I’ve read and I’ve tried to map each of one onto this framework of understanding.

The first image simply depicts how innovation is viewed through each of the 4 quadrants of the integral map.

The second one is an aim at placing each of the books into the corresponding quadrant. It does not mean that the author dealt with the topic only from that respective quadrant, but that the ideas in the book are centered there; many authors had the intuition that creativity and innovation have to do with other paradigms also. And also, few of the authors approached innovation from several quadrants at the same time.

For a company to really be able to make big (disruptive and or continuous) leaps towards greater success, it has to address all four quadrants all the time. Chapter 6, 7 & 8 in “The Leadership Spark” deal with how might this be possible within a company.


Image 1: How innovation/ creativity is viewed through each of the four lenses.

Image 2: Mapping some of the best books.

innovation books on innovation


innovation books on innovation

innovation books on innovationinnovation books on innovationSalveazăSalvează





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