What’s inside an innovator’s mind?


You were seeded one day in your mother’s uterus and started to compile your circumference. First was the centre, the initial dot, the seed and then the circumference. At the adult age you live on this circumference, on this circle, and have forgotten about your initial seed, believing the circumference is what life is. The space covered by this circumference is your comfort zone. You are not creative as you walk around and inside it. You are being creative only when you pass outside of it, beyond it, as if it were a fence and you are trespassing by going past the fence.

The tools for travelling are your senses. The more you travel outside of your comfort zone, the more it becomes larger and larger. To the point where you understand it now encompasses the whole world, all the different others and all the things they created, the cosmos. To the point where you understand the circumference does not matter but only the initial point.

Creativity arises from the polarity between circumference, boundary and its initial centre; the more you are able to conceive them both at the same time, the feminine centre and the masculine conquering of the space, the more you are sparking in your wholeness.

A pure innovator’s mind is both the initial dot and the circumference. Therefore, everything or nothing.

I say nothing as it follows no rules (fences), no strict direction (trespassing), no start or end point (initial dot/ circumference). But it is open to anything, anytime. A beggar, a child, a theatrical improviser, a great scientist, Leonardo, Walt Disney, Elon Musk: whole mindsets filled with nothing, but openness and perpetual curiosity of their senses.

There is no comfort in an innovator’s mind as the comfort zone dissolved. Comfort zone equals area covered by circumference equals ego.

“Your ego is like a stone hanging from your neck, it pulls you down; when you get rid of it, you become imponderable.”

Osho, Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living), 1999, p.87 

Imponderable equals open equals creative and innovative.





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