ENTy: a case of integral innovation.

I met her at TEDx Bucharest, a fine place to encounter fine people. She was emotional on stage presenting her invention but had a visible strength, given the stake she targeted: solving a medical issue affecting millions of people worldwide.

Afterward, we exchanged some words and I proposed her to have a more detailed interview about ENTy (her and her team’s invention) and about her creativity and innovative drive.

Flavia is one of the 5 initial creators of ENTy, an innovation helping people get their balance right. If you experience signs of dizziness or an unbalanced walking or posture, you may check your health using this innovation. Or you may experience the actual medical resources for doing so and enter a ‘phone booth like medical device’ which will test your front-to-back balance, then position some tens of led lights on your body and be evaluated by the ‘subjective expert eye’ of a medical doctor. And then apply some more obsolete tools to find out (over several days) if you have balance problems or not. And this is mainly a human eye evaluation of your status, not really a scientific one. ENTy provides all the tests in one place, in one objective short session of scientific measurable evaluation.

Rebelious, determined and fun, entrepreneurial Y generation type, you would say about her. Now in her 20’s, she experienced a so-so startup success several years ago and when she had the opportunity to start something else more keen to her view of the world, she got into it with her entire determination to help. One of the members of her family was a subject of the current health system ‘efficiency’, so we might say she had the drive to do some more in this respect. At one point, during her student years, she got in contact with the opportunity to connect some medical and technical skills, entrepreneurial drive, inner motivation and a group of colleagues plus some mentors. So, ENTy was born, initially as a student project, turned startup afterward.

In our understanding of her innovation and creativity profile, there is an evident Upper-Left quadrant orientation. When asked whether she or her other partners in this project think and feel they are creative, she had a ‘definitely YES’ and gave lots of personal examples. There is also a bigger-than-life determination and force within her pushing forward: the need to better humans’ lives in respect to their health. And this is her Lower Right quadrant orientation. There are lots of people around, having different backgrounds: technical, medical, entrepreneurial, programming, mentoring, helping her in forwarding ENTy into the world. And as for the 4 members of the initial team, she declares they all are different in their personalities and styles of working’, having different life backgrounds. And this is related to the Lower Left quadrant.

From the initial inception, her story unfolded as a series of trial and error testing period of ENTy by optimizing everything so that the medical doctors using it would have no other alternative but to accept that ENTy is simpler, more complete and more efficient in terms of resources needed and money involved. She did everything to ensure everybody of this project’s reliability and all the other team members used their abilities to do the same. And this is clearly linked to the Upper-Right quadrant of integral innovation.

As you see, she had (intuitively) checked all the prerequisites of an integral endeavor: she had passion for a big focus-problem (LR quadrant), she believed in her creativity and imagination (UL), she was part of a collective effort (LL) and had tested everything, put her innovation out there in the world to be tested and feedbacked (UR). Q.E.D.: this is a fine example of integral innovation.



Let’s keep our thumbs up and crossed for her to find the proper way to monetize her innovation and bring it to the open public and commercial use, to the many of us have medical issues with our balance.


ENTy is a medical device for ENT doctors that replaces all the old-tech equipment that is currently used for testing the balance of a patient.


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