How employees love to innovate

In nature love means creation and creation means polarities meet. Masculine and feminine aspects of nature meet each other and give birth to nature: feminine and masculine.

Words for your Yin (feminine) side are: passive (docile), Moon, night, intuitive, cold, soft, dark, „to be”, quiet, relationship, cooperation, information, asking and listening, structure, earth, slow, humidity, fluids, death, calm, stillness, weak, submission, small, eastern civilization, multi-tasking, care, responsibility, communion, connections and so on. 
Words for your Yang (masculine) side are: active (aggressive), Sun, day, logical, hot, hard, bright, „to do” and „to have”, noisy, directness telling, autonomy, function, sky, fast, dryness, energy and matter, birth, expressive, movement, strong, dominance, big, western civilization, single-tasking, justice, rights, agency, rules, and so on. 

Love happens when there is a constant, dynamic polarity between these two. As each of them, in their manifestation, needs the other desperately as if knowing without it it will disappear itself.

Therefore, love happens when the masculine nature meets the feminine nature.

In companies, love happens when autonomy (masculine) meets structure (feminine). Employees love to innovate when they are in love with innovation. This means, they sense enough autonomy in the workplace to their inner structured way of being or enough structure in the workplace to their inner autonomy. Integrally, this means that:

  • they are not stolen their ideas (autonomy) while not being rewarded for their ideas (as rewards encumber and destabilize love) (structure);
  • they work collectively (structure) and also individually (autonomy);
  • they receive some feedback on their innovative endeavours, acts and results (structure) while it is not compulsory or mandatory to take these into account (autonomy);
  • they have a collective interest (structure) while knowing they may play their own game within the company’s larger one (autonomy).

Companies where yin meets yang on every hallway are the most rewarded ones by their employees in terms of innovation. As each of us, as an employee is a combination of yin and yang and we bloom where in the middle of a yin/ yang environment. In companies where is too much autonomy (1%) there is chaos. In companies where is too much structure (98%) nothing moves on.


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